Monday, March 18, 2013

Sign the Card

Leave your uplifting message, quote, advice, emoticon, etc. and name for her here so she knows you stopped by!


  1. Left on Paypal:
    We love you! -Rebecca, Elden, Caroline, David and Eva

  2. Thanks everyone! We feel so loved! This is such an amazing thing... this baby will be well taken care of. I have the best family and friends in the world!

  3. Congrats you guys! Good luck with everything. We know all will go well, may you all soon have a beautiful, healthy baby in your arms and all this time will be worth it. Love you lots!
    Paul, Mary, Paul Jr., Jewel, Jasmine, & Justice

  4. Left by Don DeLaMare on paypal:
    Good Luck Rachel. We're rooting, cheering, & praying for you & your little one. We Love You!

  5. We love you Rachel and are super excited for your family!
    Paul, Karen, Rachel, Elise, Marissa, Ilana & Sabrina